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Interested in Navina Smart?

Learn more about our Electronic Control Unit for TAI

Personalization of your TAI therapy is the key to success, therefore Navina Smart is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. With Navina Smart you can take control over your progress and procedure faster!

Navina Smart LE3 image

We are all different and personalization of TAI therapy can be challenging and take time. Navina Smart gives you the control back to optimize your treatment. This Electronic Control Unit makes TAI much easier to live with and helps to create a working bowel management routine.

The Navina Smart app
The Navina Smart app is connected to the Navina™ Smart system. It is very easy to use and understand! You get:

  • Your irrigation data
  • Your rating
  • Track your results

Please fill out the form to request more information about Navina Smart from one of our professionals.