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New strategies for bladder and bowel management is needed
– a combined approach is part of the solution

We invited Professor Claes Hultling, Professor Denise Tate and Nurse Specialist Paula Muter to discuss synergies and future strategies for bladder and bowel management.

We challenged the speakers by asking them to boil down their message into three slides each, presented in only 5 minutes. And they managed really well! You can see the result in short films, in the speakers' section below. 

These mini-talks kicked off the group discussion, where the speakers had a chance to further develop their thoughts and ideas. Don't miss the film in the bottom of this page.

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The Talks
Group Discussion

Voice of the Audience

The ACCT talks group discussion started with a little help from the audience. 

We asked everyone to use their smartphones to populate a common word cloud, by entering a single word to answer each question:


What defines continence care at your clinic?


What should define continence care in the future?

Spinal Cord Injury Experts

Claes Hultling, Professor at the Spinalis Spinal Cord Injury Unit, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Claes is a passionate entrepreneur, always on the frontier in improving spinal cord injury rehabilitation. As a founder and director of Spinalis, he stands for a holistic rehabilitation approach and can share both his own professional and patient experience in this area. Claes questions why spinal cord injury care haven’t changed or evolved more since the early 90’s. Where are the breakthroughs in bladder and bowel care for example? Also, Claes believes that bowel issues deserves better and more attention in a holistic patient centered approach. Join the symposium to see if these questions are answered.

Denise Tate, Professor at the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Michigan Medical School, USA

Denise is a groundbreaking researcher that has taken her background as a Psychologist into spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Her research includes how bladder and bowel issues can impact on daily life in people with spinal cord injury. Denise’s starting point is always from the client’s perspective where she is particularly interested in the challenges someone with a spinal cord injury face in relation to bowel management problems. Join the symposium to hear the details.

Paula Muter, Urology Nurse Specialist at the Princess Royal Spinal Injuries and Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, UK

Paula is a truly committed Nurse Specialist with extensive experience and knowledge of bladder and bowel management in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Paula has a specific interest and involvement with patients diagnosed with Cauda equina syndrome as they are often overlooked and have far from ideal bladder and bowel management. Paula would also like to bring urinary tract infection management to the table and believes that better approaches to bladder management from the offset can improve outcomes. Paula is not afraid to question the traditional healthcare schemes for the better of her patients. Join the symposium to hear the importance of innovative thinking.

Photos from ISCoS 2017

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